About us


Cablepunk Press is an independent publishing studio founded in 2015 by Stephen Oravec.

Its purpose is twofold:

1) To develop and promote “cablepunk” as an artistic style. Aesthetically, as one of the -punk subgenres, we view cablepunk as comprising late-1970s through mid-1990s culture and technology. Whereas cyberpunk is “High Tech, Low Life,” we take cablepunk as the inverse: “Low Tech, High Life.” Please view¬†our inspirational boards on Pinterest.

2) To advance the appreciation of video games as art, artifact, and esport. Our focus is on PvP combat in online battle arenas and PvE exploration in open, virtual worlds. Video games we find the most fun are those which allow us to develop our own narrative through play within the framework of a larger body of lore.