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Cablepunk Press is an independent publishing studio founded in 2015 by Stephen Oravec and located in Oregon, Ohio, USA.

Its primary purpose is to develop and promote cablepunk — a derivative of cyberpunk —  as an artistic style.

To that end, the company’s focus so far has been on the publication of literature with two book series in development: Grimm Arcadia and Grimm Arena.

Grimm Arcadia is a speculative fiction series taking inspiration from fairy tales and mythology and set on a post-apocalyptic, cable-crossed Earth.

Grimm Arena, conversely, takes place in the present day and focuses on gamers playing a virtual reality multiplayer online battle arena game based on the lore established in Grimm Arcadia.

Additionally, we have streamed on Twitch and will resume in the spring. Future broadcasts are planned for playthroughs of Nintendo Entertainment System games available through the Switch Online service.

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Updated July 27, 2020.