Is That Majesco’s Rayne In Epic’s Paragon?

Upon closer inspection last night, what we thought was cloth in the new Paragon hero reveal from Epic Games actually appears to be hair. Red hair. As in really red red hair.

That’s hair not a hood.

And that reminded us of BloodRayne. You remember BloodRayne: the hack-and-slash video game series that debuted during the 6th Generation of video game consoles.

Wait, BloodRayne was available for Nintendo GameCube?

In that series, the protagonist is Rayne, a blade-wielding dhampir. She also wears a red pendant, as seen in this promotional art from EA Japan.

Note the necklace and two blades.

So, while this new Paragon character is probably not Majesco’s Rayne licensed into Epic’s MOBA, she could be. Regardless, she definitely appears to be inspired by her. Which would mean we’re getting a blood-sucking female fighter added to the Paragon hero roster, and that is awesome news!

But just this morning, the Paragon account on Instagram posted this quick little clip with the tagline “Her hunger is eternal.”

[ This post is unavailable. ]

Red hair. Black outfit. Two blades. Seriously, is that Rayne?

Sadly, no. Epic has just revealed her as Countess.

Meet Countess. Totally not Rayne.

Surprisingly, though she has blades, she’s considered a burst caster and not a melee fighter. Regardless, Countess is a teleporting, blade-wielding badass as evidenced from her announcement trailer. We cannot wait to play her October 25th!

[ This video is unavailable. ]

Paragon is free-to-play and available for PC and PS4. We’ll be live on Twitch on Friday from 6 until 9 pm EST streaming this incredible MOBA from Epic Games!

Epic Games Teases Possible Paragon Sorceress

Epic Games has teased a new Paragon character on social media today. As they’ve made clear, they aim to release a new hero for the MOBA every three weeks.

Sorceress or assassin?

This hero is definitely a she, and we’re hoping she’s a melee fighter. Paragon is in dire need of female fighters. However, with the pendant in that pic, she’s probably a sorceress, though we can’t count out assassin. If that red fabric continues up out of frame, it could be a hood. Admittedly, the sorcerer Gideon sports a hood, and, likewise, bare shoulders, so odds are in favor of this new character being his counterpart, much in the way Belica was added as a counterpart to Murdoch.

Gideon gets a counterpart? Is there a school of magic in Paragon?

With so little lore available for the game, we’ll take a sorceress, similarly garbed to Gideon, as indication of the existence of a school of magic in the world of Paragon. Magic schools are cool. But we really want another female fighter added to the roster.

Speaking of Gideon, his Undertow, er, skin was also recently announced. Coming with today’s V.33 patch, it’s available for sale via the in-game store.

Gideon’s Undertow skin, sans skin.

Paragon is available free-to-play on PC and PS4. We’re livestreaming the game on our Twitch channel Fridays from 6 to 9 pm EST. Tune in!