SYRENKA’s Second Review!

SYRENKA gets its second review on Amazon, and it’s another 5 stars!

syrenka 2nd review

A short review, but very much appreciated!

SYRENKA book blurb:

A reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” Stephen Oravec’s “Syrenka” tells the tale of the double-amputee title character, a soldier discarded by society and reduced to poverty in Typhaon, a city first mentioned by the Prince of Amalthea in the author’s CINDERELLA CABLEPUNK. Obsessed with the Prince of Typhaon whose life she saved during the city’s Civil War, Syrenka will do anything to win him over, including making a deadly pact with the mysterious river witch Sibyl. A short, violent retelling, “Syrenka” will have you looking at classic characters in a dark, new light.

SYRENKA is available exclusively for Kindle on Amazon.

We hope to hear what you think too!

Dark Portal Shenanigans

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