Cablepunk Press is an independent publishing house founded in 2015 by Stephen Oravec.

Its goal is to develop and promote “cablepunk” as an artistic style. Aesthetically, as one of the -punk subgenres, we view cablepunk as comprising late-1970s through mid-1990s culture and technology. Whereas cyberpunk is “High Tech, Low Life,” we take cablepunk as the inverse: “Low Tech, High Life.” Please see our inspirational Pinterest boards.

For Stephen Oravec, the idea of cablepunk began in 2008 as a reaction to the wireless controllers and Wi-Fi connectivity of the seventh generation of video game consoles, particularly the Wii and PS3. Consequently, cables and cords have played major roles in his artwork since.

The photographs Cablepunk #1 (2009) and Cablepunk #2 (2009) by Stephen Oravec are the first two artistic works to take the label, while the first cablepunk work of fiction is Stephen Oravec’s Cinderella Cablepunk (2014). The titles of these works were meant to give some prominence to the word as marking a deliberate artistic style.

In early 2016, Stephen Oravec read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and started playing League of Legends from Riot Games. They have had a significant influence on the current direction of Cablepunk Press and the development of Grimm MOBA.